artistic responses to inclusion

featured at the Open Door Gallery,

the Harvard Graduate School of Education for the Alumni of Color Conference,

and the Park Plaza Hotel for the Building Inclusive Communities Conference


ACI Artist Leaders responded to the prompt: what does inclusion mean to you? through various artistic mediums and perspectives. The show was housed at the Open Door Gallery, co-hosted by VSA Massachusetts, for three months, and then traveled to the Gutman Conference Center Gallery at the Harvard Graduate School of Education and was showcased at the Building Inclusive Communities by the University of Massachusetts Boston at the Park Plaza Hotel. In total, the exhibition is estimated to have engaged over 5,000 people through the six months it was showcased across Boston. The show featured works by ACI Artist Leaders: Alia Ali, Bes Young, Andre Mestre, Stephen Hamilton, Basil Kincaid, Alva Mooses and Miho Tsujii.