16-17 ACI Artist-in-Residence Announced


Proudly introducing ACI's 2016 - 2017 Artists-in-Residence


L-R: Chanel Matsunami Govreau, Andrea Gordillo, Hyppolite Ntigurirwa

Chanel Matsunami Govreau identifies as a queer Asian American woman, as well as an educator, performance artist, dancer and photographer. Their particular lens on inclusion focuses on a dance style called Waacking that originated in the gay Black and Latino community in 1970's California and its current re-emergence in the urban dance scene of Seoul, South Korea. Their work strives to create new ways to combat cultural appropriation and intercultural education as the urban dance scene grows increasingly global. Further, Chanel looks towards supporting a greater awareness and respect for Queer People of Color in dance history and South Korean innovation and fierceness in contemporary urban dance. As an ACI Artist-in-Residence from Aug 2016 - July 2017, Chanel will travel from her home base in Brooklyn, NY to Seoul, South Korea to study, learn, and collaborate with the Seoul Institute of the Arts and local South Korean Waackers. They will continue their project in New York City in collaboration with CultureHub at LaMama Experimental Theater. Chanel received their BFA degree and certificate in Asian American Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. 

Artist Website

Andrea Alejandra Gordillo Marquina identifies as a queer mestiza artist-educator-bridge-immigrant from Perú. Their particular lens on inclusion focuses on examining rhetorical mobility of migrants and displaced people, and how that intersects with human rights and oppression locally, regionally, and internationally. Their work strives to create rhetorical agency among community members with whom they interact, and build bridges between communities they belong to. As an ACI Artist-in-Residence, Andrea will travel from their home base in Boston, MA to Oaxaca, México, to study, learn, and collaborate with the staff and migrants at Hermanos en el Camino, a shelter for Central American migrants and audiences and community members in the United States. Andrea received their BA in theatre studies from Emerson College, and EdM degree from The Harvard Graduate School of Education. 

Andrea Gordillo Wordpress / Historias Desde el Albergue

Hyppolite Ntigurirwa identifies as an everyday-peace artist. His work focuses on using theatre for reconciliation, peace and resilience. He uses theatre as an advocacy, healing, education and uniting tool for post-conflict generations and oppressed communities. As an ACI Artist-in-Residence, Hyppolite will travel from his home base in Kigali, Rwanda to Boston, USA to explore theatre techniques to support displaced young people in refugee communities, restoring hope for the future. He will study, learn and collaborate with Jessica Litwak of the H.E.A.T Collective. Hyppolite received his BA in Sociology from the National University of Rwanda, and his MSc in Sociology from the University of Bristol.

NPR article on Hyppolite's work

Come August we will welcome our incoming Artist Leaders for the flagship Artist Training Institute, August 1st - 12th, in Boston. Stay tuned for various opportunities to meet them at events around the city. Our annual symposium on Art for Social Change, and accompanying launch party, are slated for November 2016. Details and partners to be announced soon. Interested in connecting with one of our Artist Leaders? Interested in becoming a training, symposium or launch partner?

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