#7D4H - Out in Community #Presentations

Title: 7 Dresses 4 Health Speaking Engagements 

In the first half of the 7 Dresses 4 Health campaign the Arts Connect International team has been lucky to run workshops with participants, and share the campaign at: 

Lesley University’s 6th Annual Arts & Global Health Conference

Global Health Corps Alumni Retreat 

Williams James College

All three speaking engagements were fruitful in various way. 

Lesley University’s conference focused on art therapy and arts in the global context. Marian spoke on a panel with John Burt, Angelica Pinna-Perez, Kelvin Ramierz, Abraham Sussman, and Halima Sussman.  

Afternoon workshops included:

~ “The Arts Transform Post-Conflict Societies: A Case Study of Cultural Revival in Cambodia” with John Burt

~ “The Progressive Therapeutic Paradox: Struggling with Internalized Narratives of Race when Working Internationally” with Angelica Pinna-Perez and Kelvin Ramirez

~ “Dances of Universal Peace: An Example of Activist International Peacemaking Through the Arts” with Abraham Sussman and Halima Sussman

~ “7 Dresses 4 Health: An Arts and Health Advocacy Campaign” with Marian Brown

The Global Health Corps alumni retreat was comprised of a group of GHC alumni, many of whom continue to work in the social sector, with a particular focus on global health. Several concurrent workshops ran throughout the retreat where alumni could learn from one anthers expertise. Marian ran a workshop that introduced the conceptual framework for 7D4H and shared guest blogs from the GHC community, urging community members to grapple with the question: “What’s YOUR Cause”?

Marian joined Yousef Alajarma’s master’s class on human development at the Williams James College. This presentation also gave the conceptual framework for 7D4H, while diving more in depth into Marian’s experience as an artist, and as the founder of Arts Connect International. Students ranged from art therapy to counseling to global health. 

Are you interested in learning more about 7D4H and/or setting up a presentation of the campaign? Please write to Marian directly with inquiries: marian@artsconnectinternational.org.  

Call to action: Do you have important information around one of our seven causes: HIV/AIDS, Mental Health, Nutrition, Heart Disease, Maternal Child Health, Cancer, Disability, that you want to share with a wider audience? Do you or a loved one currently live and/or struggle with one of these causes? Do you work in research, advocacy, prevention, treatment or care? We want to hear from YOU! Write to us today: 7dresses@artsconnectinternational.org to become a featured blog writer. Another way to get involved is to wear the color of the day in solidarity. Take a picture of yourself in the color of the day and Tweet it @ArtsConnectInt, tag us on Instagram @ArtsConnectInt, or send it to us on Facebook.   

About 7 Dresses 4 Health (7D4H): 7D4H is a year-long arts and health education campaign lead by visual artist, Marian Brown, in conjunction with Arts Connect International. The objective of the campaign is to promote inclusive community practices through adDRESSing health artistically and collaboratively. To learn more about the genesis of the project, read Marian’s New Year Blog

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