#7D4H - Guest Blogger Kimberly Curhan #nutrition

Introduction to our Guest Blogger: Kim Curhan is the Curatorial Knowledge Management Intern at ACI. She provides support for the meaningful curation of media content and artwork. She has been working hard to combine her interest in the relationship between art and audience with creative marketing strategies and social mindfulness. Kim received her B.A. with Honors from Boston University in the History of Art and Architecture and Arts Leadership. Throughout her time as a student, she interned at many arts nonprofits, hoping to gain a clearer understanding of the ways people respond and connect to art. She plans to further her education to continue raising awareness of the importance and impact of art in our community and beyond.  

Title: Are you making the best snack choices?

Take Part recently published an article titled "9 'Healthy' Snacks That Really Aren't Good for You" and it really hit home with me. I used to feel constantly tired, unfocused, and pretty unhappy. I started looking into how food could affect my energy, focus, and vitality. The nutritional value of my meals and snacks became very important to me, especially as I began selecting foods high in protein, vitamins/minerals, and good fats, and then immediately felt their effects on me! Ever since, I have been feeling so much better and no longer suffer from aches, "blueness," and fatigue. 

From the article:

Fast-food companies may be struggling, but snack purveyors are not.

According to a report released last year, annual global snack sales totaled $374 billion–with sugary and salty snacks taking the most shares of sales. Beverage and snack maker PepsiCo continues to see incremental boosts in revenues.

Still, as fast-food sales show, consumers are becoming more health conscious. For years, processed food companies have been responding. While wholesome, fair-trade, and GMO-free food items are more abundant than ever, sugar, salt, and fat are lurking in more snacks marketed as “healthy.” Here, we list nine to watch out for. 

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About 7 Dresses 4 Health (7D4H): 7D4H is a year-long arts and health education campaign lead by visual artist, Marian Brown, in conjunction with Arts Connect International. The objective of the campaign is to promote inclusive community practices through adDRESSing health artistically and collaboratively. To learn more about the genesis of the project, read Marian’s New Year Blog

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