#7D4H - Guest Blogger Robbi Van Schoick #Disability

About the guest blogger: Robbi first started showing symptoms of Friedreich’s ataxia at age five. Her mom, a physical therapist, began to notice her widespread gait, highly arched feet, and lack of coordination. But without genetic testing, her suspected diagnosis of Friedreich’s ataxia was not confirmed. Robbi’s younger sister began to show symptoms of FA as well, and by the time Robbi turned 15, both girls were using wheelchairs. Robbi graduated high school in the top 10 percent of her class, then graduated cum laude from the University of Georgia, where she won a psychology department award for the best undergraduate paper on the ameliorating effects of dietary behavior on FA. Robbi went on to complete a master’s degree in public health, which she pursued one class at a time.

Blog Title: Dedicated lovingly to my sister Becca and her Canine Assistants service dog Kringle

Christmas 2010

Published in “In A Dog’s Heart”, written by the founder of Canine Assistants, Jennifer Arnold.

To Love Her

Every Creature that is wise enough to obey the inner voice,

The inner voice that calls and directs and points to the path

Has a divine purpose, a reason to live

I am uneducated, although I had excellent trainers,

Nor am I a productive employee, working solely to earn a paycheck

I am not a paid worker, at all

My purpose is the only thing I know

My purpose is to love her.

Maybe her voice has been inside me all my life

It must be so

Because she is all I know

I do not merely follow her

As though I have no choice but to tag along

Rather, I walk beside her

Because I choose to follow the voice that leads me

My purpose is to love her

Yes I am the best at what I do. I am even better at loving her than her people,

most of the time

I know this because she tells me so, when she gives me the praise I need

I especially love waking up tangled with her

When we are a gnarled mass of ivory limbs and golden coat

I wake and rise as nature intended for me

And I reluctantly wait for her to finish her sleep, feeling purposeless without her

She is my soul mate, my partner

My purpose is to love her

My only purpose with meaning is to love her

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