Stephen Hamilton | The Founders Project

No party is complete without the proper ambiance, and ACI Artist Alum Stephen Hamilton is bringing just that—you can see pieces from his highly acclaimed Founders Project proudly displayed at ACI’s 5th Birthday Celebration! A Boston based artist and educator, Stephen combines his passion for art, education and the positive development of local youth in The Founders Project, which reimagines Boston Public School high school students as the progenitors of West and West Central African ethnic groups.

Every detail down to the metal work on the frames that were hand carved, painted and designed by Stephen for these life sized paintings on cloth Stephen hand wove, was meant to harken back to African tradition and serve as an educational access point for students to learn about the African diaspora.  

In Stephen’s own words, “All these conversations about equity and diversity, they mean absolutely nothing if people aren't empowered. The idea that they [high school students] can feel empowered when they feel beautiful and they could feel strong from looking at that painting I think is something that's important to me.”

Check out The Art of Stephen Hamilton’s Instagram for images of his current projects!

You can still RSVP to ACI’s 5th Birthday party on 9.19.19 to see selected works from Founders Project.