We’re Expanding our Board of Directors!

Join our team as we build equity and inclusion both in, and through, the arts.

ACI is recruiting new members for our Board of Directors! 

Fill out the Board Member Interest Form today.

We are seeking Board candidates who have a demonstrated alignment with ACI’s vision and mission to join our expanding team (family, really). Candidates of all geographic locations and backgrounds are encouraged to apply!


ACI partners with emerging arts leaders of color and arts influencers who hold institutional power in the contemporary art world, to collectively build equity, access, and inclusion through transformational leadership development.

At the core, we believe that:

  1. art is a human right and therefore must be accessible to all

  2. racism and marginalization, in any form, is a breach of human rights

  3. art serves as a conduit for cross-cultural understanding, deep and meaningful learning, creative expression, and community building, making it an adaptive tool for social change

  4. change must be fostered at a community, contextualized level to be effective and sustainable

  5. systems of oppression permeate conscious and unconscious thought making it imperative to support those already woke, and those awakening, to collaboratively work towards equity


ACI appoints BOD members for a 2 year commitment, which can be renewed. The BOD meets virtually monthly, and comes together as often as possible in Boston for ACI’s main events (such as ACI’s Arts Equity Summit). We are also planning a weekend-long BOD retreat, training and visioning process for the spring / summer of 2020 requiring in person participation.

If building equity in and through the arts resonates with you, fill out our Board Member Interest Form by Friday, August 16th to be in touch with us for next steps!