Pinkcomma: #AES19 Partner Highlight

Written by Shannon McLean

Pinkcomma Gallery opened at a time of shifting design sensibilities in Boston. While a significant amount of the city’s work is produced by the largest corporate firms, the gallery aims to foster and recognize a more creative and experimental scene that has grown out of one of the world’s most significant capitals of architectural education.

The gallery highlights innovative thinkers of diverse interests. This culture of experimentation and creativity is on the rise, yet continues to need independent venues to encourage its growth. Pinkcomma showcases an emerging generation of talented practitioners, offering them a platform while encouraging broader public support for their innovative sensibility.

At the same time, Pinkcomma is a place for the exchange and expansion of ideas within the region’s design scene, not just in terms of architecture, but also in the disciplines of landscape, graphics, urbanism, interiors, and industrial design. The gallery is a neutral ground that brings together thinkers from the six design schools and countless professional practices.

The effects have been significant. More than fifty exhibits and gatherings have occurred since opening. Just this year alone, the national Progressive Architecture Awards program includes three firms that had previously exhibited their work in solo shows at Pinkcomma. The gallery’s impact has been recognized by the Boston Society of Architects with the organization’s Commonwealth Award. In short, the gallery performs an important service to the design community: part launching platform, part mixing chamber, it is a place where new design ideas are formed, tested, challenged, and disseminated.

You can learn more about the work Pinkcomma is doing by visiting their website. You can also join us as we partner for the Arts Equity Summit by checking out our kick-off event on Friday, March 22nd!