World Music/CRASHarts: #AES19 Partner Highlight

Written by World Music/CRASHarts

World Music/CRASHarts (WM/CA) is a nonprofit organization that presents diverse artistic experiences that inspire, entertain, challenge and transform. We provide a platform for established, emerging and under-represented global performing artists, fostering a diverse community committed to cultural equity and participation in greater Boston's arts arena.

For almost 30 years, WM/CA has used the power of the arts to provide a space for artistic dialogue and engagement. In the current political environment, we believe the need to create a common meeting ground for diverse audiences and artists to learn from each other, encourage cross-cultural collaborations, and share in the excitement of cultural discovery is increasingly important in a divided country and world. WM/CA strives to offer audiences an opportunity to share in many different artistic expressions and seeks to foster an atmosphere of cultural exploration and diversity that reflects today’s global community. 

 We are committed to creating an inclusive and supportive environment at our performances, in our offices, and in the community. We strive for everyone to feel welcome and valued regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, religion, sexual orientation, ability and disability, and age.

We understand that achieving equity is a continuous process and one we embrace as essential to our mission.

Organizational Values

The following organizational values will guide WM/CA’s future work:

  • We strive to present the highest quality performing arts and offer unique programming in greater Boston.

  •  We seek to build cultural bridges across diverse communities of artists and audiences.

  • We work to create global cultural awareness and understanding on a local level.

  • We facilitate inclusion by making outstanding art accessible—by breadth of venues, pricing of admission, and education programs.

  • We search for the new and unusual, providing a platform for our artists’ creative expression while challenging our audiences’ assumptions.

Intended Impact

WM/CA impacts the greater Boston community by creating (a) awareness and respect for different cultures through the performing arts, (b) inclusive and accessible cross-cultural experiences that encourage diverse audiences to come together as a cultural community, (c) opportunities for local immigrant communities to celebrate and share their cultural identities and heritage; and d) a platform for artists of different cultures to expand and share their newest work through presenting premieres, newly commissioned work, and innovative collaborations.

You can learn more about the work WM/CA is doing by visiting their website. You can also join us as we partner for the Arts Equity Summit by checking out our kick-off event on Friday, March 22nd!