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Download: 2016 - 2017 ACI Artist in Residence Overview 

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ACI is building the preeminent model for inclusive arts entrepreneurship, cultivating and connecting leaders in the arts field committed to cultural and social inclusion on a global scale. 

At the Core

ACI’s Artist Leader programming focuses on: Community Cultivation, Artist Leader Training & Authentic Representation. The model is collaborative, requiring equal participation & ownership from ACI’s Leadership Team & ACI’s Artist Leaders. 


Residency at a Glance 

During Phase I Artist Leaders are expected to be full-time with Arts Connect International and may not hold other jobs or appointments. During Phase II Artist Leaders may hold various appointments and/or jobs as long as it does not interfere with her ability to complete the Artist Leader programming and responsibilities associated with being a member of said community. 


Phase I: Artist Training Institute 

  • Includes an artist needs assessment
  • Extensive training around core curriculum framework
  • Duration: 2 weeks, Location: Boston 

Phase I: Artist Residency at International Site 

  • Includes bi-weekly coaching calls with ACI Leadership Team 
  • Includes bi-weekly coaching calls with ACI Artist Leaders
  • Duration: 12 weeks, Location: chosen by Artist Leader 

Phase I: Artist Leader Convening 

  • Cohort prepares work to show collaboratively 
  • Group show & symposium (inclusion community programming) 
  • Artist presentation / arts ed integration opportunities 
  • Duration: 3 weeks, Location: Boston 

Phase II: Continued Professional Development 

  • Includes monthly check-in coaching calls with ACI leadership team
  • Includes bi-weekly check-in calls with ACI Artist Leaders
  • Includes monthly group training on group identified curriculum
  • Required minimum of two exhibitions co-sponsored with ACI
  • Collaborative dissemination and sales of work
  • Duration: 8 months, Location: chosen by Artist Leader 

Phase II: Artist Leader Summit

  • Opportunity for all Artist Leader’s to convene as a community
  • Duration: 1 week, Location: Boston 

Monetary Award Summary

ACI is investing in and with artists to build the global inclusion movement. Correspondingly, ACI promotes a cost-share model which creates co-ownership of the vision and community collectively built to further the global inclusion movement.


This is a community of Artist Leaders, for Artist Leaders, by Artist Leaders.   


Travel Stipend: this includes any travel expenses incurred, as well as stay and food stipend for that duration. It may also include expenses associated to artistic materials. The only exception to this is during the “continued professional development” period of the residency where the travel stipend of $500 is issued specifically for showing opportunities.

Training Contribution: this is paid by the Artist Leader to ACI for training and support from ACI Leadership Staff. This can be utilized for structured training, such as the Artist Training Institute, or in less structured circumstances like individual artistic shows during the “continued professional development” period.

Health Insurance: ACI requires that all staff and Artist Leaders, while working full-time with ACI, maintain health insurance.

Show Finishing: this includes all materials (such as framing and installation costs) and shipping costs that maybe incurred preparing work for the November / December group show.

Media / Marketing: this is paid to ACI for the promotion of the November / December group show and symposium, and then is either held by the Artist Leader if she does her own marketing during the “continued professional development” period, or is turned over to ACI for said representation.

Phase by Phase Breakdown

ACI is investing in and with artists to build the global inclusion movement. Correspondingly, ACI promotes a cost-share model which creates co-ownership of the vision and community collectively built to further the global inclusion movement. 

This is a community of Artist Leaders, for Artist Leaders, by Artist Leaders.   



 Phase I Includes: 

  • Artist Training Institute 
  • Artist Residency at International Location 
  • Artist Leader Convening 

Phase II Includes: 

  • Continued Professional Development 
  • Artist Leader Summit 

Frequently Asked Questions

Who qualifies for the ACI Artist-in-Residence Program?    

  • Artists must be US based at the beginning and end of the ACI residency year 
  • A minimum of three years work experience in related field desired
  • Twenty-one years of age or older 
  • Must qualify for a visa to the country(s) proposed for international component of residency

What qualities do successful ACI Artist-in-Residence possess?

  • Successful candidates demonstrate a strong and continued consciousness and dedication towards social/cultural inclusion and the use of art as a vehicle for social equity
  • Candidates must possess a tested ability to operate as a self-starter, have proven to be a successful leader in their respective community and field, are propelled by people and the desire to learn from and with people, and are practicing professional artists
  • Candidates may have earned a degree, and/or higher degree in the arts, public health, and/or education

ACI Artists-in-Residence:

  • Are Leaders in the arts field with a demonstrated commitment to cultural inclusion & social equity
  • Have a strong portfolio that illustrates a thoughtful investigation of their art form in a community context
  • Demonstrate proven leadership skills in community-based social justice work
  • Demonstrate proclivity towards innovation and entrepreneurship

Application & Selection Process: 

The ACI Artists-in-Residence will be chosen through a three-stage process ~

  • The application is open from April 1st - May 1st 2016. The ACI Artist-in-Residence application will be evaluated to determine semi-finalists 
  • Semi-finalist interviews will be conducted at the beginning of June
  • Finalist interviews will be conducted mid-June and selection decisions will be announced shortly thereafter 
  • Artist-in-Residence will begin with Arts Connect International in August 2016

Key Dates to save for 2016 - 2017 AiR Program

April 1st 2016: Applications open 

May 1st 2016: Applications close 

August 2016: Residency Program Begins 

Residency Expectations & Requirements

Artwork Produced & Speaking Engagements

  • ACI requires that an Artist-in-Residence produce a minimum of three exhibitions / performances in the US following the completion of his or her residency
  • ACI requires that an Artist-in-Residence present a minimum of three times in the US following the completion of his or her residency in educational venues 
  • ACI and its sponsors have full right to marketing around, and at, said affiliated exhibitions and speaking engagements 
  • The Artist-in-Residence is required to give ACI and its sponsors visibility in the form of publicity and mention on all associated press releases and materials
  • Any media releases or public announcements or disclosures by the Artist-in-Residence relating to the Artist-in-Residence Program and/or this grant shall be coordinated with and approved in writing in advance by ACI  
  • The Artist-in-Residence agrees to donate to ACI 30% of the gross proceeds of all artwork sales from work produced during the contracted residency for purposes of the continuation and development of the ACI Artist-in-Residence Program
  • This includes sales post residency completion that are tied to the work created during his or her residency 
  • The Artist-in-Residence agrees to support future Artists-in-Residence through the sales of his or her artwork 
  • The Artist-in-Residence is expected to continue donating to ACI in support of future artists throughout his or her career, with the intention of donating the cost of one residency, USD 15,000, through his or her work within five to ten years of completion as an ACI Artist-in-Residence 

Other Contractual Responsibilities of the Artist

  • In order to complete an ACI Artist Residency successfully, the Artist-in-Residence must maintain/complete the following:
    • A professional relationship with all ACI staff and affiliates
    • Correspond regularly and as agreed upon with their ACI Leadership Team affiliates and Advisory Board Members throughout the residency
    • Follow all ACI guidelines set forth by the ACI Leadership Team, which may be modified from time to time in ACI’s sole discretion
    • Are respectful of the culture of the country(s) in which they are completing their residency
    • This includes obeying the laws set forth by said country
    • Finish the body of work and show at a minimum of three gallery sites within the allotted residency year
    • Complete a minimum of 4 blogs to be shared on ACI’s social media outlets in response to his/ her work as an ACI Artist-in-Residence
    • Work cooperatively with the team to develop ACI as an organization, and correspondingly the Artist-in-Residence Program, for future artist leaders 
    • It is assumed that by taking on this residency you are signing on to become part of a network of artist leaders that will continue to grow substantially in the upcoming years
    • It is your responsibility to be an active, inclusive, and participatory member of said community 
    • During your residency period, you will update your LinkedIn Profile and other social media outlets to show your work with ACI
    • You will represent ACI and the Artist-in-Residence Program with integrity, respect, and inclusive practices at the forefront

Download: 2016 - 2017 ACI Artist in Residence Overview AiR 2016 - 2017 Programming.pdf

Questions & inquiries can be directed to: [email protected]

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